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Default general coordinator:

copy_of_simoSimonetta Frittelli

Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA 15282



Other coordinators: Eanna Flanagan (Cornell University), Ted Jacobson (University of Maryland), Thomas Baumgarte (Bowdoin College)



The Eastern Gravity Meeting is an annual regional conference open to researchers of all levels, from undergraduate students to faculty members, in gravitational physics.  The purpose of the conference is to encourage the interaction of researchers in the Northeastern region and the introduction of junior researchers in the field. The format of the conference consists of 1.5 to 2 days of contributed talks, usually archived online. The talks are accommodated on a first-registered/first-served basis. The average participation is about 40 people. There is usually no financial support for participants, but no registration fee either.  The scope of the meeting traditionally includes:

rombul1a  Classical Mathematical Relativity

rombul1a  Gravitational Lensing

rombul1a  Numerical Relativity

rombul1a  Black Hole Mergers

rombul1a  Neutron Star Physics

rombul1a  Gravitational Wave Science

rombul1a  Experimental Relativity

rombul1a  Cosmology

rombul1a  Quantum Gravity

rombul1a  String Theory



As of 2003, EGM is a venue for the GGR Award for Best Student Presentation at Regional Meetings, sponsored by the Topical Group in Gravitation of the American Physical Society.  PhD thesis advisors are invited to encourage graduate students to contribute presentations. Undergraduate presentations also qualify for the Award.


Hosting bids from faculty members, or from graduate students and postdocs backed by faculty members, at academic institutions in the Northeastern US are encouraged and most times solicited by previous hosts.  Prospective hosts should check the Hosting Lifeline above to get an idea of the typical amount of work/sponsorship involved. Previous hosts appear in the Archives above and are usually receptive to inquiries or cries for helpJ


            2011 Meeting: Princeton University (Princeton, NJ), June 2-3, 2011. Contact: Frans Pretorius

2012 Meeting: Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY). Contact: Scott Watson

2013 Meeting: Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (Toronto, ON). Contact:  Harald Pfeiffer


rombul1a        Place a Bid: Send me an e-mail stating that your home institution would be delighted to host EGM and tell me what year you are shooting for. Bids will go to an ad-hoc committee consisting of previous hosts for a vote.


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